Jungle Gyms

jungle gyms


Contact Details

Cell: 062 106 1439
Address: 6 Street 6, Rustenburg
Email: tim.collen93@gmail.com
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We specialize in the following:

  • JUNGLE GYMS: Toddler, baby, standard, Jumbo, Jumbo 2, Jumbo Gym Option 1,2 and 3, Giant Jungle Gym Option 1,2 and 3, 2xBarrel Gyms.
  • PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT: Man pole swing, 2 tyres in planned swing, 2 seated see-saw swing, one-seated see-saw swing, rockey horse, drum horse, large boat see-saw, small boat see-saw, wipe planks, stand with slide, stand/slide with drum, 2 steering wheel with drum, 4 steering wheel with drum, 2 steering wheel with car, helicopter, mercia round, jeep car, mini bus, long nose jeep car, panel bus gym, funky car, funky car with slide, safari jeep, exercise gym, exercise roller, motorbike, mall car, 3-in-1 swing combination and many more!



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